Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

A lot has happened since my last post- It's been a whirlwind of work and I haven't had any time to step back. I'm now home for the holidays, but that doesn't mean I get a break. Three weeks til proper shooting of the film starts and there's still so much to do.

Head mold finished- top half and bottom half will be attached
together and hidden with the wig.
Army of mis-casts of Charlie's head. Issues with bubbles & I
am a perfectionist. Colour variation because I wanted to see how
the pigment worked. I'll get a suitable cast done soon.

New plates for Charlie's armature have been finished. The original brass plates (seen below) were too soft of a metal, so they warped with the tension required to compensate for some imprecision in the cutting. They have been professionally machined now out of steel, so they're going to hold up!

There are 3 more molds I need to make (for the hands, feet and chest). Since these pieces will be made of silicone, so I'm using Ultracal 30 (plaster) to make these. More fancy stuff to learn. First picture is the first half of the mold being made- release agent applied and register keys made. Second is the second layer of plaster poured in and currently being left overnight to set.

I've been working on other things aside from the puppet too:

The outside wall of Charlie's bedroom. Window WIP

Lastly, I quickly set up most of the things I had made for the set. A lot of work left, but things are coming along!

That's all for now- things are always being made, so hopefully I'll have some new things to post soon.

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