Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Design: Props

All of the props I have designed for this film have a unique ‘organic’ feel. Emphasizing that no straight lines are used. Everything will try to have an interesting shape- with a slightly wonky, melted appearance.

Character Design: Chroma

The monster, or antagonist, of my film is a drawing of Charlie's that is accidentally brought to life. This is called the Chroma. Here is a rough model sheet I have done of him- His design is still not final.

He is going to be animated traditionally (frame by frame) in Flash CS6 and compiled onto the stop motion footage in After Effects. I feel that with this technique it will effectively convey that this creature is not of the same world.

Character Design: Charlie

The main character of my film is Charlie & he is the only puppet I am actually fabricating for this production (everything/everyone else will be animated afterwards in Flash).

• 12'' tall
• Ball & Socket Armature
• Cast plastic head
• Hands cast in silicone, painted details.
• Faux-fur wig

This is the first attempt in approaching a puppet in a completely 'feature' and 'professional' way. However, since I want to be a puppet fabricator, I think it would be an excellent exercise in honing a skill set relevant to the industry.

Introduction & Premise

Welcome to the blog focusing on my final year thesis film.
I am currently in my fourth and final year in the BAA Animation programme at Sheridan College.
When I graduate, I am hoping to find work in puppet fabrication for stop motion films.

As has always been the standard, in our final year we produce a thesis short film in medium of our choice. I have chosen to do my film as a stop motion hybrid. I am calling it this because it combines a stop motion environment and character with other elements and characters that will be animated after the fact traditionally using Flash. About 75% stop motion, 25% traditional.

Over the summer I was lucky enough to have an internship at Cuppa Coffee Studios- now I am going to put what I've taught myself and what I learned there to some practical use.

My film is tentatively titled "Chroma", Greek for colour. For this film I have decided to go as professional as possible, especially with puppet fabrication. Beginning with my own custom fabricated ball and socket armature (a big thank you to my dad for this), casting hands and feet in silicone, making a head that is cast in plastic, et cetera.

This blog will document the process of the film as it's in production. It's definitely going to be a learning experience, but I'm sure I can do it!